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This is a fan wiki for New Violet, the creative home-brew RPG world played by a group of friends across the world.

New Violet is a moon city in the Eora system, orbiting the planet Amethyst. It is a neon-lit cyberpunk city, known throughout the system as a vice city riddled with exotic crime and adventure. It is the main setting for a young team of adventurers: Karter, Slim, and Juno, as they explore a dangerous new world while attempting to find their place in it. 


Slim is a young man trying to reclaim a broken childhood, using his skills with technology to manoeuvre his way in and out of trouble. Karter is a curious deer-human hybrid from off-planet, on a personal mission to discover the universe that was hidden from her for so long. Juno is a soldier bred for war, brought from a dead world into the present, without a single memory intact. Together, they will try to piece together the secrets of their own pasts, and try to forge a new future in this brave new world.

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